Looking for OEM investment casting? Our company has an investment casting factory located in Chongqing, China. To provide precision OEM investment casting services for domestic and foreign customers. Our company adheres to the philosophy of quality first and customer first. We have produced many OEM investment casting products with excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, and affordable prices. Received high praise from OEM investment casting customers.

About Sipx OEM investment casting service

As of early 2024, our company’s OEM investment casting service mainly provides customers with OEM stainless steel investment casting, OEM carbon steel investment casting, OEM brass investment casting, and other OEM alloy steel casting services As far as we know, the customer’s customized product applications include but are not limited to the fields of mechanical manufacturing, furniture, kitchen supplies, medical equipment, automotive manufacturing, and shipbuilding. Representative products include: stainless steel faucets, copper faucets, stainless steel pot handles, furniture handles, various stainless steel pump casings, stainless steel cast impellers, carbon steel cast pulleys, and so on.

OEM investment casting
OEM investment casting

There are experienced engineers and workers in our investment casting foundry. In general, production is based on the 2D and 3D drawings provided by clients. If you are unable to provide those kind of drawings, you can also send us product samples by express or pic with size data. We can provide two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing design services based on the actual product. When inquiring, please try your best to provide information such as product weight, size, quantity, etc. as much as possible. This will surely facilitate our company’s quick quotation for your OEM investment casting products.

In addition to investment casting, we also have the ability for subsequent processing, including but not limited to: machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, fine packaging and other procedures. We provide a one-stop service for our customers’ OEM investment casting products. It will save you the time and cost of tedious inquiries and complex transportation. Sincerely waiting for your inquiry or consultation.


OEM Investment casting example

In modern production and daily life, OEM investment casting products are widely used in many industries, such as automobiles, aerospace, shipbuilding, medical facilities, household goods, especially furniture and kitchen supplies. Here we will briefly introduce a featured type of products that our investment casting factory often collaborates with customers to produce. I hope this will increase your understanding of our company’s OEM investment casting services.

OEM Investment casting faucet components

By observing the following picture, you will find that you are very familiar with this type of faucet. It is widely used in outdoor public places, and the faucet of our washing machine is also of this type. Because it is usually made of stainless steel 304 and integrated through investment casting. It has excellent characteristics such as being sturdy, durable, not easily to be damaged, and not likely to get rust.

OEM investment casting faucet component-body
OEM investment casting faucet component-body


OEM investment casting faucet component-handle
OEM investment casting faucet component-handle

This OEM investment casting product is separated into two parts: the body part of the faucet and the handle of the faucet. The above picture shows the finished product after casting and machining the threads. The material client’s request is stainless steel 304. The weight of the blank part is about 250 grams. After polishing and machining the threads, they are combined with the built-in valve core accessories and the handle of the faucet to assemble a beautiful stainless steel faucet that we can use. After learning that our investment casting factory can proficiently manufacture OEM investment casting stainless steel faucets, the customer provided us with a sample they needed and requested OEM investment casting. Our factory engineers designed the drawings based on the sample. And start making the mold according to the drawings.

OEM Investment casting faucet mold

The first thing to make is a metal mold, which is used to produce wax molds for investment casting products. The metal mold uses aluminum alloy because its material is easy to process. In general, investment casting products are very complex, and if the metal mold material is very hard, it will increase the difficulty of mold manufacturing. Moreover, aluminum alloy has the characteristics of being lightweight and having good heat dissipation performance. The mold is usually divided into upper and lower molds, and usually the upper mold is connected to the wax injection pipe. Sometimes there are pipes for wax injection in the lower mold.

OEM investment casting faucet mold
OEM investment casting faucet mold

The upper and lower molds are connected by many positioning pins to prevent misalignment. Our investment foundry will choose to use manual molds or fully automated molds based on the different batches and sizes of OEM investment casting parts. The so-called artificial mold, as the name suggests, requires workers to manually carry out operations such as mold opening and closing. The fully automatic mold is completed automatically through pneumatic tools.

Workers only need to press the start button. OEM investment casting parts with small batches generally choose manual molds, which have a relatively simple structure and low cost. We choose fully automatic molds for OEM investment casting parts that are produced in large quantities and frequently. We use fully automatic molds for the production of faucets.

OEM Investment casting faucet -Production of wax molds

By installing the fully automatic metal mold on the automatic wax injection machine, OEM investment casting parts wax mold manufacturing can be carried out. A wax injection machine requires a worker to take care of it. The worker’s job is to clean, start the machine for one injection of wax, demould, separate the product wax mold, and then clean it before entering the next cycle. You can learn about the entire process of wax mold manufacturing through the following video. If you need more detailed information, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.

OEM Investment casting-sand shell making

After the wax mold of the product is made, it will be repaired and cleaned. Transfer to the workshop where workers group trees for tree building. After the tree is assembled, it is hung on a shelf and pushed into the shell making workshop. In the shell making workshop, workers will adhere thick sand shells to the surface of the wax mold through multiple processes.

In fact, in the understanding of many people, this sand shell is the real mold. The mold cavity it forms is exactly the same as the OEM investment casting parts we need to make. Therefore, investment casting has high precision, and good surface roughness depends on the quality of the sand shell. The first layer of mortar is finer, resulting in a smoother surface and higher accuracy. The opposite is also true. The following table lists the tolerance level standards that our investment casting foundation can achieve.

Casting Method

Torlerance CT

Casting Material

Cast Steel

Cast Iron

Ductile Iron

Malleable Cast Iron

Copper Alloy

Zinc Alloy

Light Metal Alloy

Nickel Based Alloy

OEM Investment Casting

Water Glass









silica sol









As you might think, mortar contains glue and a large amount of moisture. Therefore, the sand shell needs to be dried for a long time in a specialized drying room. These drying rooms must undergo strict temperature and humidity management.

Monitoring is carried out by the central controller, and workers are required to conduct daily inspections to check if everything is normal. If the temperature or humidity control is not good, all previous efforts will be wasted. Excessive temperature and low humidity can cause the sand shell to crack and become unstable, leading to scrapping. Low temperature and high humidity can cause deformation, softening, and incomplete drying of the sand shell.

Therefore, this drying process usually takes more than 20 days. This is also the reason why investment casting requires a long construction period. There is an ancient Chinese saying that goes: slow work leads to meticulous work, and haste leads to failure.

It vividly describes this phenomenon. Our factory’s OEM investment casting parts vary in size and complexity, and we will develop different sand shell production plans. At the same time, the production process will also follow up on the results at any time to adjust the plan. Thus producing more perfect OEM investment casting parts.

De-wax and do casting

The shape of the wax model is consistent with our final OEM investment casting parts. Therefore, its main function is to make sand shell mold cavities. After the sand shell is made, it completes its mission. So should we throw it away? The answer is no. Protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development has always been a concept that we must adhere to. Therefore, recycling wax is something we must do. Wax has a low melting point and good fluidity.

Using this feature, we will invert the made sand shell mold on the shelf and place it in the vacuum dewaxing machine. Heating causes the wax mold to melt and flow out through the flow channel. The wax is then cleaned, filtered, and reused through recycling equipment. Just like the cycle of water, enter the next cycle. This action has also reduced the cost of our investment casting. The following picture is our vacuum dewaxing machine.

Vacuum dewaxing machine
Vacuum dewaxing machine

After dewaxing, the sand shell mold is allowed to stand still again. And workers will conduct rigorous inspections on these molds. Ensure there are no damages, blockages in the flow path, wax residue, etc.

A qualified sand shell mold can be used for casting. Before casting, the sand shell mold will undergo high-temperature calcination to make it ceramic. This can increase the surface smoothness of OEM investment casting parts.

It also further ensures the smooth progress of casting and prevents defects caused by the reaction between liquid metal and certain substances in the sand. While firing the sand shell, it will melt the metal. When the shell reaches the qualified temperature, pour the liquid metal into the sand shell. Utilize gravity to fill the entire mold cavity with liquid metal. After sufficient cooling, our final OEM investment casting parts are formed For example, our faucet components.

Subsequent production processes such as shell removal and polishing

The sand shell is very hard after casting and needs to be shaken at high speed by a shaker to remove most of the shell. Separate the OEM investment casting workpiece from the flow cha

Defective oem investment casting faucet components
Defective oem investment casting faucet components

nnel generated during casting. After workers polish off obvious burrs one by one, they then soak, dry, and centrifuge polish to remove clean sand. Sometimes this process needs to be repeated several times. The complexity of the product also requires different programs.

Determine based on the customer’s customized product. Defective products will occur at each step, and workers need to carefully select them. The following picture shows a faucet component with casting defects discovered during the sand removal and polishing process.

After polishing, the product generally meets the surface requirements of the customer. However, for different customers, there are different requirements for different OEM investment casting products. Our company also provides one-stop processing services for subsequent processing.

For example, a series of processing services are required, including machining treatment, surface galvanizing treatment, surface spraying, blackening, etc. Welcome customers from all over the world to choose our OEM investment casting service. We will do our best and hope that you are 100% satisfied. Looking forward to your contact.


Co-worked with Customers Use Investment Casting Parts

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Here are some frequently asked questions about OEM investment casting:

  1. What is OEM investment casting? OEM investment casting refers to the process of making customized metal parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) using the investment casting method. This involves creating a mold or pattern of the desired part and then pouring molten metal into it to create the final product.
  2. What materials can be used in OEM investment casting? A variety of materials can be used in investment casting, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, and other alloys.
  3. What are the advantages of OEM investment casting? There are several advantages to using investment casting for OEM parts. It allows for high precision and accuracy, creates parts with excellent surface finishes, and can produce complex shapes that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with other methods. Additionally, investment casting can be cost-effective for small to medium-sized batches of parts.
  4. What industries use OEM investment casting? OEM investment casting is used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, medical, oil and gas, and many others. It is particularly useful for creating parts with intricate designs or tight tolerances.
  5. What is the lead time for OEM investment casting? The lead time for OEM investment casting can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the part, the quantity needed, and the material used. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.
  6. What quality control measures are in place for OEM investment casting? Quality control is an important aspect of OEM investment casting. Most manufacturers will have a variety of measures in place to ensure that parts meet specifications, including visual inspection, dimensional checks, and material testing.
  7. How do I choose an OEM investment casting manufacturer? When choosing an OEM investment casting manufacturer, it’s important to consider factors such as experience and expertise, quality control measures, lead times, and pricing. It may also be helpful to ask for references or examples of previous work to ensure that the manufacturer is capable of meeting your needs.