About  Sipx lost wax casting foundry

Our Sipx lost wax casting foundry is committed to producing precision steel castings and machined parts of carbon steel and alloy steel series materials. It adopts advanced lost wax casting technology and is a large-scale professional production base for investment casting in China. The precision casting plant and the CNC machining plant are one, with an annual output of more than 2,000 tons of precision castings and various types of precision casting finished parts, which are mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and many other countries.

It is equipped with several sets of energy-saving and environmentally friendly investment casting production lines, including automatic or semi-automatic production lines for wax making, shell making, casting, heat treatment and other core processes. Our lost wax casting foundry also has many advanced testing equipment: spectrum analyzer, metallographic microscope, tensile testing machine, low temperature impact testing machine, X-ray flaw detector, magnetic particle flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, three-dimensional coordinate measuring instrument, image measurement instrument.

The above-mentioned equipment can ensure the provision of precision lost wax castings with high standards for customers, and meet customers’ comprehensive testing requirements for physical and chemical properties of materials, non-destructive defect testing, and high-precision geometric dimension testing.

Lost Wax Casting Foundry’s products are widely used, covering almost all applicable fields of equipment manufacturing and machinery manufacturing and processing industries. Our products are mainly used in trains and railways, automobiles and trucks, engineering machinery, mining machinery, forklifts, agricultural machinery, Shipbuilding, petroleum machinery, construction, pump valves, casting faucets, electromechanical, hardware tools, electrical equipment and other industries. We have developed and produced various grades of plain carbon steel and alloy steel series with more than 100 material specifications and more than 5,000 product varieties. We can proficiently implement relevant material standards of various countries and some industries such as national standard GB, American standard ASTM, AISI, German standard DIN, European standard EN, Japanese standard JIS, British standard BS, Australian standard AS, American railway standard AAR, etc. The company got rid of the traditional concept of foundries only providing simple machining, completed the transformation and upgrading to deep processing and expanded casting products, and created a new product concept with the core of providing overall solutions, terminal products, and customer services to maximize the additional value.

Value is the core competitiveness of the company’s products, which are based on high-grade and high-end markets. In addition to supplying the domestic market, they are mainly exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, and Australia.

Our company has experienced engineers and workers. In general, production is based on the 2D and 3D drawings provided by clients. If you are unable to provide the drawings, you can also send us product samples by mail. We can provide two-dimensional and three-dimensional design services based on the actual product When inquiring, please provide information such as product weight, size, quantity, etc. as much as possible. To facilitate our company’s loss wax casting foundation direct quotation for your product. In addition to investment casting, we also have the ability for subsequent processing, including but not limited to: machining, surface treatment, heat treatment, fine packaging and other procedures. We provide a one-stop service for our customers’ loss wax casting products. We have saved you the time and cost of tedious inquiries, complex transportation. Welcome to your inquiry and consultation.

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Our lost wax casting foundry material Capability.

With the maturity of today’s loss wax casting technology, more and more different alloy materials are being used in this casting method. The most commonly used material in our loss wax casting foundation is stainless steel.

In addition, carbon steel and copper are also involved. Stainless steel loss wax casting is commonly used because it has good comprehensive mechanical and physicochemical properties. Compared with cast iron, cast stainless steel has higher strength, plasticity, toughness, and good weldability. Different special properties can be obtained based on the different alloying elements, such as wear resistance, rust resistance, and non-magnetism, which are unmatched by cast iron.

Therefore, stainless steel for casting is widely used in the modern mechanical manufacturing industry. In equipment such as transportation, power generation, mining, petrochemicals, aerospace, shipbuilding, etc., many parts of the blank are produced by casting stainless steel. Even in the military defense industry, the application of casting stainless steel parts is widely important.

Our loss wax casting foundation can use domestic or international steel standards according to customer requirements. Create customized stainless steel casting products for customers. We can provide material certificates 3.1/3.2, mill test reports, etc. for our loss wax casting foundation. The following list lists the material grades of some Lost Water Casting Foundry products.

Sipx Casting Material Range

If you cannot find the materials you need, don’t worry, please feel free to contact us for consultation.

Our lost wax casting foundry quality control.

Quality is the concern of every customer. This is also the most important point of our loss wax casting foundation. Adhering to the principle of quality first. We start from the details and firmly control every production process. Provide customers with high-precision casting products. My factory has obtained WTF ISO9001 certification. We can also provide PPAP quality control services to customers. We can briefly describe the quality control of our loss wall casting foundation from the following aspects

  1. Drawing design and mold manufacturing.

Our loss wax casting foundation can design molds based on customer provided drawings or actual product designs. The dimensional accuracy can reach the highest accuracy of CT4. Of course, the accuracy that can be achieved varies depending on the product and material used. Please send your drawings through our inquiry window, and our engineers will evaluate them based on the drawings.

  1. Lost wax casting foundation for quality control of wax molds.

Firstly, in terms of material selection, our company selects high-quality wax as the raw material for wax molds. This ensures surface smoothness and reduces the proportion of defective products. During the production process, workers are constantly monitoring and controlling. During the processes of injection molding, cleaning and selecting wax molds, and assembling trees, we will post strict inspection standards. Workers are 100% sure of the completeness and qualification of each wax model.

  1. Shell making and drying.

According to the different products, our factory formulates corresponding paper shell processes and sand shell raw materials. Strictly follow the process procedure to shape the shell. In the drying area, the temperature, humidity, and other environments are closely monitored through a central controller. At the same time, technicians will manually check the dryness of the product. Each batch of products is strictly traced. Ensure that the drying process is flawless.

  1. Pouring and polishing.

Our loss wax casting foundation conducts rigorous testing of the liquid metal in each furnace before pouring. Ensure that its chemical composition meets production standards. Carefully select during shelling and polishing. Ensure that non-conforming products do not flow into the next stage.

  1. The detection ability of loss wax casting foundation.

In order to ensure that customers obtain precision castings, our company is equipped with comprehensive testing equipment. Equipped with engineers with professional testing qualifications. The execution standards include but are not limited to: ISO, ASTM, ASME, BS, EN, RCCM, GB, DIN, JIS, NF, AWS, etc.

China lost wax casting foundries urgently need to improve their competitiveness

“The investment casting industry in China has made great progress, but there is still a significant gap compared to the international level.” Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, said that in recent years, with the annual increase in raw material and energy prices and the continuous decline in precision casting prices, precision casting enterprises have faced severe challenges.

In the severe situation, precision casting enterprises must strive to improve their product design level, innovate product development concepts, tap into the advantages and potential of precision casting technology, reduce manufacturing costs, and enhance their competitiveness in the international market.

Through the research of new precision casting die manufacturing processes, precision casting can not only improve the market competitiveness of precision casting enterprises, but also improve the production efficiency of small and medium-sized mold production enterprises in the field of die manufacturing.

Precision thermal processing technology is one of the key manufacturing technologies for weapon systems, mainly including precision casting, precision plastic forming, special heat treatment, and special welding technology. Precision thermal processing technology has the advantages of short production cycle, low cost, good performance of parts, high product reliability, and almost no surplus in billet production, and has been highly valued by countries around the world.